The Baker Act

When a person is taken into custody under the mental health law in Florida and sent for an involuntary psychiatric examination it can be very scary for them and their friends and family. Commonly referred to as a “Baker Act” the initiation of an involuntary exam, what that means and what rights are accorded to a person is often not known and understood.


A shocking new documentary from Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Suicide & Violence

CCHR Florida warns Lawmakers that Psychotropic Drugs may contribute to Violence and Suicide.

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The Baker Act

What Is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)?

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices.


Jailed on 12-Year Sentence and Charged $50 Million: Psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil

A Miami psychiatrist, Fernando Mendez-Villamil, flooded Miami’s streets with anti-psychotic drugs as part of a scheme to defraud Medicare and Medicaid.

Suicide & Violence

Protect Yourself Against Psychiatric Abuse

This Psychiatric Diagnosis Abuse Report Form is for your protection. You can fill out this form and provide it to your legal representative to take further action.

What is CCHR Florida?

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog organization dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric human rights violations. CCHR Florida also educates Americans about their mental health rights, including the right to informed consent. CCHR Florida works side-by-side with like-minded groups and individuals who share a common purpose to stop abuses in the field of mental health. Many non-profit organizations and individuals are concerned about the excesses and harmful practices of psychiatry.

Together, we have formed a strong movement that is especially active to help protect the rights of children. We invite you to join our efforts to bring compassion and decency to the field of mental health.

Free Information Kit

Restoring Human Rights and Dignity to the Field of Mental Health

What should you know about psychiatry’s “cures” in the name of mental health? How valid are psychiatrists’ diagnoses—and how safe are their drugs?

The answers are contained in this information kit, which is provided free to legislators, government officials, medical and legal professionals, and human rights and advocacy organizations.

“Psychiatry does not commit human rights abuse. It is a human rights abuse.” 

– Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry and Co-Founder of CCHR


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Voices for Humanity – A Stand for Rights in the Sunshine State

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